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Internet meter

As an android user it’s must to use Internet on our daily life cycle. Everyone prefers using wifi data for regular internet usage. But there is always need for career data usage. Ofcourse you’ll use mobile data if not around wifi coverage. This is where Internet meter comes in.

Many of us using limited internet data plan. Most of the applications on Android market are consuming bunch of data real-time. This can be embarrassing if you’re on mobile data. You gotta manage the precious data properly. Wonder if you could see the current download/upload speed.


internet meter for Android

Android internet meter – TINY NetStat


By using Tiny NetStat, you’ll be able to check your internet speed during internet browsing. This application works as a internet meter. You’ll see real-time download/upload speeds by Tiny NetStat indicator.


There are some interesting features consisting with Tiny NetStat
– Less than 1 MB.
– It requires No Root.
– Won’t interfere with notification panel.
– Low memory consumption
– Drag & Drop to place the indicator position.
– Resize the font size
– Set custom colors.
– Run automatically on-boot start.

Bellow you can download TINY NetStat from here or Play store.

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