How to fix termux root access issue

fix termux root access issue

If you are familiar with termux , then you might have seen termux has some root access issue. The reason is the path mismatched. In this short tutorial , we will show how to fix termux root access issue.

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In android terminal turmux , you will often need to give root access to termux for performing several tasks. But even if your device is already rooted try writing :


This will get the root access but if you try some core commands like


it will return you a weird error cause the root access file path of termux and your current root su file is in different place.

So to prevent this , open any file manager that has root explorer(example ES file manager ) and go to root directory of device . Find the “SU” FOLDER . browser it . The go to bin/xbin and find su file there. For some lower Android version it can be found in system/bin or system/xbin as well.

copy the file , now go to /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/bin/

and paste the file. It will show there is already same name file but maybe just a byte file. Replace it.

now open termux , write




Wew , it works !

here is the video with instruction about

how to fix termux root access issue

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