Android wifi password cracker -wififok

Android wifi password cracker application

Android wifi cracker is another new application for android made By kickwe 🙂

Android password cracker apk

Android password cracker apk

Android wifi password cracker application

Android wifi password cracker application

WiFi password cracker

You can use any number of character which can be alphanumeric or numeric . There is also 10k most used password which can be modified by your own from sdcard.

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Full details :

This is a very simple wifi security tester tool. With WiFiFok, you can attack your own wifi with autogenerated Brute Force of 0-9 where password length will be given by you and default is 8. Then WiFiFok will keep generating random 8 digit number using 0-9 and try to connect with that as password. WiFiFok has alphanumeric(A-Z, a-z, 0-9) and file input. There should be a file named 10k.txt in folder named WiFiFok in ur SDCARD. It has 10k most common wifi password. So with all these options, you can test your wifi security and decide if you should change your password or not.


1. A-Z, a-z, 0-9 random password generator
2. Password length change option
3. Only numeric random password generator
4. Reset option
5. WiFi state status
6. Used password list
7. List of available WiFi to attack
8. 10k most common passwords list
9. Password from custom text file
10. Bug free user experience

If you are lucky enough, you can break your wifi password with autogenerated alphanumeric/autogenerated numeric/ common passwords from file so you would understand the necessity of changing your password to make it more strong. If you can’t break password of any wifi, it is because the combination of the digits are huge and could take some year to apply all and finally crack the password. So don’t feel sad and don’t give negetive review for this reason, the tool works perfectly and it can break any password if you give it enough time to apply all possible combinations. So that, use the tool carefully and with understandings.

N.B. It’s highly advised not to use this tool for any illegal activity. WiFiFok Developer Team isn’t responsible for any such act. The tool is for only education and security test purpose.
There is no warranty and assurance to continue this tool, we can stop this anytime if we want.

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