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Android webserver

After getting enormous response and feedback about kickwe web server , kickwe releasing another sophisticated version of android webserver based on user reviews.

Previously this android web server was doing great and the popularity is increasing amazingly . However there were some minor issues specially user interactions. For marshmallow and nougat we had to give manually storage permission. In this latest kickweb server it will automatically ask for user prompt ,to allow or disallow storage permission. So basically now it is one click installer. The application is fully materialized too.


Android Web Server by KickWe.
Easy and automatic installation, everything is pre-configured, low memory consumption, low CPU usage, capable of serving requests simultaneously, not need of root access though you can use root aswell, and completely free of charge along with no advertisement. This is the best Android Web Server

# Requirements
– Internal memory should not be less than 50MB!
– Minimum Android API 9 (GINGERBREAD)!

# Features
– Lighttpd 1.4.34
– PHP 5.5.9
– MySQL 5.1.62
– MSMTP 1.4.31
– phpMyAdmin 4.1.10
– Nginx 1.5.11

# Default Document Root (htdocs)
– Path : /sdcard/htdocs/

# Default URL
– Address : localhost:8080

# phpMyAdmin Informations
– Address : localhost:10000
– Username : root
– Password :

# MySQL Informations
– Host : localhost
– Port : 3306
– Username : root
– Password :

Usage: One thing you should remember is starting server before entering Configurations.
For Android Web Server troubleshooting :
Kickweb server troubleshooting