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Android Javascript IDE – JIDE


Android JavaScript iDE -jide

Kickwe happily releasing most versatile application for javascript developers and taking android community one step ahead.

Till now there were no sufficient one standalone application which could do html inspect element + Javascript Console + Javascript Debugger.

JiDe provides all essential features to make a javascript application using only your phone.

The android javascript ide (JIDE) is available in both free and paid version.

The All-in-One , for the first time a standalone and robust JavaScript development helper is here !

# Features :

# Key features

* HTML inspect element

* JavaScript console

* JavaScript debugger

* Inbuilt browser

* Run from both online URL or local /sdcard file. You can navigate to any online or offline IP too

# Optional features for better experience:

* Prevent cache
* Request Desktop/Mobile site
* Enable or disable Geo-location access when requesting with JavaScript

# Extra features to make you productive:

* Highlights – Error / warning
* View log
* Precise error detection with specific location of the file and line of occurred errors.
* Run – console | debugger | inspect elements – all simultaneously or use individually.
* User friendly interface featured material design standards.

You can also download paid version which is absolute advertisement free and zero restrictions.

The jide + Kickweb server can be the best pair for web development . Kickweb server URL :Android web server

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